Gmail Lets You Send Emails to G+ users. What?
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Gmail Lets You Send Emails to G+ users. What?

Last I checked, email is a communication medium that essentially allows unique identities to exchange messages. You expect it to be delivered to the right person because you use their email address.

But now, Gmail is rolling out the ability to target Google+ users in your circles, without knowing their email address, based on a photo, name and maybe some other information — you’re supposed to trust that it’s going to the right person.

From Google

To add a dash of uncertainty, if you are a Google Apps customer and your organization has a Google+ profile, they expect you to have a public profile tied to that account. Below, I searched for myself and found four profiles. The top two are my personal and work profiles, respectively, and two others of which I have no idea.

I guess the thinking is that you should be able to send a message to anyone that is connected to you in Google+. But, I thought that’s what Google+ Hangout Chats were for? I’m confused.

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